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In this episode, we feature saxophonist Scott Hamilton, Pianist George Shearing and trombone great Curtis Fuller.

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In this episode, we feature the modern, postbop artists Art Farmer and Jim Hall, Phil woods, and Donald Byrd.

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In this episode, we have a special guest, Jim Gatewood, and we feature various guitar greats in his honor.

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In this episode, we feature three artists:  Tommy Dorsey; the Red Garland Trio; and Kenny Dorham.

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In this episode we feature three great jazz musicians:  Art Blakey; Hank Jones; and Dexter Gordon.

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In this episode, we feature Art Blakey and notable saxophone artists who played with him over the years.

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In this episode, we feature music from Dave Brubeck, Kenny Burrell and Stan Getz.

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In this episode we bring you some more modern jazz from Zoot Sims, the Wynton Kelly Trio, Milt Jackson and others.

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In this episode, we're back to featuring pairs of the same song, performed by different artists.  The comparisons are fun and instructive about the music.

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In this episode, we feature some jazz banjo, singer Catherine Russell, Count Basie, and many more musicians and singers.

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In this episode, we bring you some bop beginning with Horrace Silver and some other very listenable bop artists.

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In this episode, we feature Count Basie, Milt Jackson and John Coltrane in another pairing of three great musicians.

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In this episode, imagine that it is 1960 and you are reviewing the top jazz tunes of the last decade. We do that for you.

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In this episode, we present female vocalists from Bessie Smith to Dinah Washington and lots more in-between.

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In this episode, we present Duke Ellington in a small group setting, then more recent recordings of his most famous side men.

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In this episode we present a mix of musicians and singers like Lionel Hampton, Anita O'Day, and Ben Webster.

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In this episode, we introduce you to new items in our collection like Lem Winchester on vibes, the singer Madeline Eastman, and others.

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In this episode, we feature paired instrumental songs with the vocal version of the same song.

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In this episode, we return to Ella Fitzgerald for songs of the Irving Berlin and the George and Ira Gershwin's songbooks.

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In this episode, we feature instruments in sets of three with trumpets, clarinets, saxophones, etc.

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In this episode, we go by San Francisco's Club Hangover to hear live shows by Kid Orey, Earl Hines, and many other musicians.

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In this episode, we feature live performances from Benny Goodman on the radio, Bill Harris and Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.

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In this modern-leaning episode, we feature Clifford Brown, Oscar Peterson, J.J. Johnson, and Sonny Rollins.

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In this episode, we feature great jazz female singers from Ella Fitzgerald, to Dakota Staton, to Dinah Washington  and several more.

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Chris and Don welcome Matt Daniels, a guitarist and guest. Matt's Tavern of Fine Arts has been known to play our archives later in the evening.

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 In this episode, we feature Eddie Condon, Ella Fitzgerald, and Stan Getz.

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In the episode we have another potpourri of jazz musicians, many we haven't played yet on this show.

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 In this episode, we feature the group "One for All" and key members of the group playing bop from the past decade+.

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In this episode we take you on an excursion decade by decade starting with the 20s, ending in the 90s.

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 In this episode, we feature a number of big bands from the 1930s and early 1940s.

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In this episode, we feature a potpourri of jazz artists including the pianist Frank French and Sarah Vaughn with Clifford Brown.

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This episode features Art Tatum with a variety of small groups. Very different from the solos and wonderful stuff.

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In this episode we present Charlie Parker playing with mainstream musicians of the 40s along with vocals by Stephanie Nakasian.

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In this episode, we continue featuring small combo sessions in jazz with a special segment featuring Mildred Bailey on vocals.

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In this show, we feature small group sessions with many different musicians, led by the great Lionel Hampton on vibes.

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 We present Jazz at the Philharmonic recordings, amazing live songs showcasing the best in jazz from the 40s and 50s.

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