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In this episode, we bring you Bee Hive Artists, Part 2 including Curtis Fuller, Ronnie Mathews and Dizzy Reece.

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In this episode, we feature artists recorded on the Bee Hive label from the late 70s/early 80s like Pepper Adams, Sal Nistico and Johnny Hartman.

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In this episode, we feature only songs with women's names in them, like Hard-Hearted Hannah and Lulu's Back in Town.

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In this episode, we feature the vibraphonist Terry Gibbs and his dream band, vocalist Ann Richards, and wind up with saxophonist Harold Land.

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In this episode and as played on our new, opening theme, hear Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis.

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In this episode, we feature Zoot Sims, Hank Jones and Blue Mitchell, a little something for everybody.

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In this episode, we feature more jazz greats featuring the word "blue" in the song title.

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In this episode we feature Johnny Hodges with Earl Hines, vocalist Stephanie Nakasian, and Ben Webster.

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