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In this episode we feature two pianists, Ray Bryant and John Campbell. Then we have a tenor man, Ricky Ford.

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In this episode, we feature three key jazz musicians: Art Blakey; Wynton Marsalis; and and Chris Potter.

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In this episode we play Ellington songs starting with an instrumental and following with a vocal version.

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In this episode, we hear more of Chris' favorite sax players from more modern times.

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In this episode, we hear excerpts of a concert Don recently organized featuring Doug MacDonald and others.

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In this episode, Chris chooses some of his favorite sax players from the early years of jazz.

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In this episode, we return to the Classic Savoy Bee-BOP sessions, recently re-issued.

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This episode features Lucky Thompson on tenor sax, singer Sarah Vaughn, and alto sax player Paul Desmond.

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In this episode we feature newly remastered savoy Records bee-bop artists such as Dexter Gordon and J. J. Johnson.

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In this episode we feature hard bop from the '50s and '60s from fourteen different artists.

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In this episode, we feature Oscar Peterson with Herb Ellis, Gerry Mulligan on the 1963 Nightlights, and Cedar Walton in an All-Star band.

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In this episode, we choose songs with the word "love" in the title.  This helps us find things you might never hear otherwise.

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In this episode we feature Cal Collins on guitar, the vocalist Blossom Dearie and the valve trombone player (among other things) Bob Brookmeyer.

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Three artists again; guitarist Barney Kessel, vocalist Catherine Russell, and tenor man Bill Perkins


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This show features three more groups; two from the Sixties, and a more recent one. Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, Buddy Rich, and Vaughn Wiester.


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In this episode, we interview local pianist Dwayne Estes, play key pianists for him, and feature him performing as well.

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In this episode, we feature early Roy Eldridge, drummer Sid Catlett, and tenor sax player Wardell Gray.

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In this episode, we present great old-time jazz between 1935 and 1938.

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