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In this episode, we bring you Hard Bop 2.  The show features people like Wynton Kelly, Cannonball Adderley and Blue Mitchell along with many others.

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In this episode, we bring you a hard bop show with very listenable tunes from the likes of Horace Silver, Hank Mobley, Kenny Dorham and many other luminaries from this jazz genre. 

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In this episode, we feature pianist Bobby Timmons, vocalist Ann Richards and the Dave Brubeck quartet. 

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In this episode, we feature Billie Holiday on a song and then compare it with an instrumental version by both her contemporary and slightly more modern musicians.

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In this episode, we bring you live performances of Paul Desmond from Toronto.  Sonically and musically beautiful, you are sure to enjoy!

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In this episode, we bring you hard bop players tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse, trumpeter Joe Gordon, and drummer Art Taylor.  All the songs here are written by jazz musicians.

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In this episode, we feature guitarist Russell Malone, vocalist Shirley Horn, and drummer Shelly Manne. 

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In this episode, come listen to saxophonist Scott Hamilton, vocalist Roberta Gambarini, and trumpeter Ruby Braff.


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In this episode, we feature songs that contain the word “moon” in the title.  From Benny Goodman to Don Byas, there is something to please everybody here.

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In this episode, we bring you Ricky Woodard, Ricky Ford and Rahsaan Roland Kirk.  Some may find this a bit modern, but it’s very listenable with great talent.

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In this episode, come and listen to pianist Ronnie Mathews; trumpeter Roy Hargrove; and tenor sax player Richie Kamuca. 

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In this episode, we feature the work of xylophonist Red Norvo, Band leader/pianist Duke Ellington; and great vocalist Rebecca Kilgore. 

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In this episode, we bring you three excellent pianists:  Ray Kennedy; Ray Bryant; and Phineas Newborn.

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In this episode, we feature three star musicians who have recently been taken from us by COVID-19.  They are alto saxophonist Lee Konitz, Bassist Jymie Merritt playing with Art Blakey, and tenor saxophonist Jimmy Heath. 

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In this episode we feature Part 2 of the Hank Mobley collection from the 1960s on Mosaic Records. 

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In this episode, we feature guitarist Peter Bernstein with his quartet, tenor saxophonist Grant Stewart, and wind things up with alto saxophonist Phil Woods.

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In this episode, we bring you first a big band led by Nat Pierce.  We then move along to drummer Paul Kreibich.  We wind up with tenor sax Pete Christlieb. 

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In this episode, we bring you pianist Mel Powell, pianist Mary Lou Williams, and pianist/vocalist Nat King Cole.

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In this episode, we bring you part 1 of a Mosaic Hank Mobley box set featuring performances between 1963 and 1970. 

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 In this episode, we present Part 2 of the MGM Woody Herman sides.  If you liked the previous show, you’ll definitely like this one, too.

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In this episode, we feature a live concert sponsored by Don
Thomson and featuring Doug MacDonald on guitar with many other musicians.

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In this episode, we feature alto sax player Frank Morgan, a series
of Fantasy records jazzy vocalist , and alto saxophonist Sonny Fortune.

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In this episode, we intermix the Bill Cunliffe trio with Oscar
Peterson and Dizzy Gillespi.  It's a nice comparison of two different pianists.

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 In this episode, we feature Part 1 of a Woody Herman series. It
features his work on the Decca, Mars and MGM sessions in the late 40s and 50s.

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In this episode, we bring you Jazz Drummers:  Part II.  We
continue about where we left off in the last show and progress through several additional noteworthy drummers.

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In this episode, we bring you Jazz Drumlmers:  Part I.  We begin
in the early 20s and work our way up to the mid50s.  We present lots of drummers over these years.

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In this episode, we bring you a trad show when an emphasis on
Sanfrancisco and the Bay Area.  Featured are:  Lu Waters Yerba Buena Jazz Band, Turk Murphy, Bob Scobey's Frisco Band, and Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band.

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In this episode, we feature key Ellington musicians playing in
recordings made after Ellington.  We have trombonist Lawrence Brown, Alto sax Johnny Hodges, and Tenor sax Ben Webster.

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In this episode, we feature pianist Oscar Peterson, guitarist
Mundell Lowe, singer Paula West, and wind up with baritone sax Pepper Adams.

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In this episode, we feature musicians influenced by bop but not bop themselves. We have two pianists, George Shearing and Dave Brubeck, and alto saxophonist Lee Konitz.

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In this episode, we feature songs from the Jerome Kern and Harold
Arlen songbook sung by Ella Fitzgerald.  After each vocal, we have an instrumental arrangement of the same tune.

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In this episode we feature four key musicians who created the
swing era for piano:  Earl Fatha Hines, Fats Waller, Art Tatum and Teddy Wilson.

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In this episode, we feature all live modern jazz with the Woody
Shaw quintet, Dexter Gordon, and Art Blakey at the Keystone Corner.

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In this episode, we feature 27 more tunes with women's names in
the title of each tune.  This is our 3rd episode with this theme.

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In this episode, we feature swing era musicians but not playing in
the swing era itself.  Hear the Coleman Hawkins Quintet with Roy Eldridge and Johnny Hodges, then Benny Carter.

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