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In this episode, we bring you a tribute to Philadelphia jazz personalities.  Come hear greats like John Coltrane, Lee Morgan, Bobby Timmons and others.

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In this episode, we feature trumpeter Frankie Newton.  His career spans the early 1930s into the late 1950s and you will be sure to be happy to get acquainted with his music and performances.

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In this episode, we feature early performances by the great tenor saxophone player and musical composer Benny Golson.  These performances span the years from 1957 to 1962. 

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In this episode, we bring you Singers Part 3.  Here we begin in the late 40s early 50s, but concentrate on more modern singers of the genre.

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In this episode, we bring you Jazz Singers Part 2.  We start with Nat King Cole, go to Julia Lee, Billy Eckstine and so many more!

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In this episode, we bring you singers from times gone by.  The is the first part of a multipart show with great vocalists we don’t hear that often.

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